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Match Review: FC Barcelona vs Girona FC

The game started in a very unexpected as Girona took the lead over us in the fourth minute of the game but after that, it was all Barcelona!!!

This is the FC Barcelona we know but was missing for quite a few games now… Since the start of the season we saw a very different kind of Barcelona. The Barcelona whose defence became their forte over their attack but then again that was understandable as one of our key player decided to take an exit in the most humiliating way possible. Credits to Valverde he got us back on the favourites list and made Barcelona a force to reckon with, in a very un- Barcelonaesque way.


Coming back to the game… The game was probably the best of the season where our forwards went all guns blazing and the pressing was inch perfect from FC Barcelona. Whenever we lost the ball we made sure we got it in the opponents half like Barcelona used to do. The other important thing to take back from the game was the proper use of wings. With Dembele returning to the side, our “almost dead” right wing came back to life and we were looking more deadlier than ever… With Coutinho combining with Suarez and Alba and Messi combining with Dembele who in turn perfectly combined with Semedo made a perfect attacking structure and when we are in this kind of form any kind of opponent leave alone Girona would find it impossible to stop us.

The first goal came from a brilliantly weighted inch perfect pass from Messi that Suarez converted.

The second goal was a Messi master-class where just as the viewers thought he bottled the chance he turned around, dribbled passed four players and slipped it in the back of the net. You give him one inch gap, he will make you pay.

The third was another Messi master-class  where he slid one right under the wall from a free kick into the back of the net.

The fourth goal set up by Messi for Coutinho who unselfishly squares it to Suarez for an easy tap in.


Every goal had a Barcelona style stamp on it. Brilliant to say the least and oh boy what a pleasure it was to watch


The second half saw a spectacular Coutinho special goal from outside the box and the cherry on the cake was Suarez’s hattrick making the game 6-1


Credits should also be given Girona for coming here with an attitude to win and not park the bus, absorb pressure and if possible go on a counter

Image courtesy @11Stegen11

The pass map quite clearly shows the domination of Barcelona in the opposition half,. Playing triangles and neet passes threaded to create 4 of the six goals we scored.

A perfect game to end the perfect weekend.



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