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Reason : Why Cassillas is still a part of Real Madrid

Opportunists will now bring up Casillas’ farewell issue, to take a dig at Madrid, since Barça made a good one for Mascherano.

To begin with, Casillas getting kicked out of Madrid is nothing but a myth. He acknowledged that he is declining and therefore, decided to leave.

Pérez, as a result, allowed him to move to the club he desired which was Porto and even payed him his wages.

Yes, Iker’s wages were payed by Madrid despite being a Porto player. That’s something you won’t hear of as it doesn’t fit their narratives.

Moving on, I understand how Casillas’ farewell was nothing of his level but you should hear the full story before concluding.

Pérez planned a tribute match; however, Iker told him to postpone it for his retirement. Moreover, we publicly invited Iker to be a Madrid ambassador once he hangs up his gloves.

To end with, it’s rather easy to act like you know crap and conclude that Madrid disrespected him yet when you take a better look, you’ll realize that he got just what he deserved.

“So Iker Remains A Real Madrid Legend.Get Ready To See Him Back” – Team Global Daily Times

Casillas got his wages payed by Madrid, a tribute game for him once he retires and a request to be a Real Madrid ambassador in future.

About Iker Cassillas:

Casillas began his career in Real Madrid’s youth system, known as La Fábrica, during the 1990–91 season. On 27 November 1997, at age 16, he was first called up to the first team to face Rosenborg in the UEFA Champions League. On 15 September 1999, he became the youngest goalkeeper ever to feature in the UEFA Champions League at the time, against Olympiakos, aged 18 years and 177 days, a record which was only broken in October 2017, by Mile Svilar.[23] In 2000, he became the youngest ever goalkeeper to play in a Champions League final when Real Madrid defeated Valencia 3–0, just four days after his 19th birthday.

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