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Jordi Alba humiliates Real Madrid in a shocking statement. Have a look

Jordi Alba: “Sorry if I bothered anyone when I showed the middle finger at the Sociedad fans. It’s a part of the game and emotions get to you.”

Jordi Alba: “The difference between Real Madrid and us? I don’t care, but whenever Real lose, it’s better for us.”

Jordi Alba: “We suffered, but we got 3 very important points in the end. We haven’t won here in a very long time.”

Jordi Alba: “If Real Madrid were in our position and we were down by 19 points, we would have been killed in Barcelona.”

Jordi Alba: “19 points are a lot, but Real will keep fighting.”

Jordi Alba: “The secret of our success is having a balanced team. We have teamwork when we work defensively and there’s teamwork when we attack.”

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